Reading Tea Leaves
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U-V-W-Y-Z Symbols

UGLY FACES, These show domestic quarrels or unpleasant news.

UMBRELLA, annoyance and trouble.

UMBRELLA, If it is open, bad weather and grumbling are foretold; closed, a bit of bad luck which may be avoided.

UNICORN, scandal.

UNICORN, This is an indication of scandal.

URN, A sign of illness.


VAMPIRE, This brings a message of gloom and sorrow, or also means that you await the expected news of a death.

VAN, This sign denotes an interesting experiment in which you succeed.

VANITY BAG, A large circle of admiring friends, and much pleasure with them.

VASE, This sign brings you a promise of good health.

VEGETABLE MARROW, This means sad news or monetary losses through bad crops, either at home or abroad.

VEGETABLES, These indicate toil, followed by a time of leisure and affluent circumstances.

VENUS, This planet which is sometimes seen in the tea-leaves, brings a message of peace or placidity.

VISE, A carpenter’s vise signifies that you will need powerful assistance to extricate you from the mess in which you will find yourself through your folly.

VIOLETS, This is a symbol of high ideals and of the finding of happiness in its fullest sense; several violets assure you of coming joy; if in the form of a cross, death is predicted.

VIOLIN, A symbol of coming success to a musician, and of pleasure and entertainment to others.

VULTURE, bitter foes.

VULTURE, This bird is a forewarning of evil and unrest in various quarters of the globe; it also means a powerful enemy, sometimes death; if it flies, tragedy, sorrow, and tears are predicted.


WADING BOAT, This is a warning to be cautious in swimming or boating, or you may meet with an accident; with other signs it denotes a home by the sea.

WAGON, a sign of approaching poverty.

WALKING STICK, The arrival of a male visitor.

WALL, A thick, high wall denotes many difficulties in your life, and that much courage will be needed to overcome them.

WALLFLOWER, This sign indicates the serious consideration of a new plan.

WARMING PAN, This is a sign of comfort in small things and domestic peace.

WASPS, These insects are significant of distress caused by the sharp tongues of those around you.

WATER, This is usually recognized by a clear space entirely free from tea-leaves at the bottom of the cup.

WATER LILY, This flower proclaims a declaration of love.

WAVY LINES, if long and waved, denote losses and vexations. The importance of the lines depends upon the number of them and if heavy or light.

WEASEL, This animal shows cunning, and points to the sly behavior of someone with whom you associate, and of whom you feel no suspicion.

WEATHERCOCK, This is a sign that you feel incapable of making up your mind definitely on any matter without first consulting each one with whom you come in contact, and in the end you settle upon an entirely different course of action.

WEDDING CAKE, This proclaims a speedy and prosperous marriage. WHALE, A prediction of personal danger which may be averted if you are cautious.

WHEEL, an inheritance about to fall in.

WHEEL, This is symbolic of the wheel of fortune and foreshows a prosperous career or an inheritance of wealth; a broken wheel predicts a bad disappointment as to an expected increase of income or a legacy.

WHEELBARROW, This sign foretells a visit to the country or a pleasant renewal of friendship with those who live in it.

WHIP, To a woman this sign foretells vexation and trials in her marriage; for a man, it has much the same meaning, and severe disappointment will befall him.

WICKET GATE, A small incident leads up to an important future event.

WIDOW’S BONNET, This sign must be read in connection with other symbols; sometimes it foreshows grief and mourning, or if dots are round it, that a sum of money or a legacy may be expected from a widow.

WINDMILL, success in a venturous enterprise.

WINDMILL, A sign that you may hope to succeed in a doubtful enterprise.

WINDOW, An open window shows that you are regarded with favor by many; a closed one means embarrassment.

WINE CUP, Joy and realized ambition.

WITCH ON BROOM, You will be reproved by some of your friends who consider that your interest in psychic matters is dangerous, but later on you will be able to prove to their satisfaction that no harm has come to it.

WITNESS BOX, With bad signs around it, this would point to a personal matter ending in a law court; otherwise, it denotes the taking place of a trial in which you will feel special interest.

WOLF, beware of jealous intrigues.

WOLF, Beware of an avaricious and hard-hearted neighbor or friend.

WOMAN, pleasure and happiness; if accompanied by dots, wealth or children. Several women indicate scandal.

WOMEN, With bad signs, several women mean scandal; otherwise, society.

WOMAN CARRYING A BURDEN, An unhappy marriage or unfortunate love affair.

WOMAN CARRYING A CHILD, This shows distress, sometimes illness of someone dear to you, or sadness through separation.

WOMAN HOLDING A MIRROR, Clairvoyance and prediction of the future are signified by this symbol.

WOOD, a speedy marriage.

WOOD, Much happiness with someone dear to you, a forthcoming wedding, or a fortunate and favorable event.

WOODPECKER, This bird brings pleasant news from those who live in the country. WORMS indicate secret foes.

WORMS, These warn you of coming misfortune, or of treachery, and evil by secret foes. WREATH, This is a symbol of marriage, and of much happiness being in store for you.


YACHT, pleasure and happiness.

YACHT, This is a favorable sign of increased wealth or happiness.

YEW-TREE indicates the death of an aged person who will leave his possessions to the consultant.

YEW TREE, You may expect to attain to a prominent position in life, and to receive a legacy from an aged relative or friend.


ZEBRA, travel and adventure in foreign lands.

ZEBRA, Something for which you have long waited is now within sight, but you are likely to be disappointed, for you will find that it was not worth waiting for after all.