Reading Tea Leaves
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N-O Symbols

NAIL, Toothache and painful dentistry are foreshown by this sign.

NAMES, To see the name of a person or place, signifies events occurring in connection with such person or place; if good symbols appear, pleasant happenings may be expected; if gloomy signs, then trouble will arise associated with the name seen.

NARCISSUS, This flower shows sentiment and coming joy; also that some new idea will unfold itself to you in the spring and will prove to be an advantage to you.

NATIVE WITH “TOM TOM”, This foreshows news of disturbance in India or news of a personal nature which will cause anxiety.

NECKLACE, A good present or money; a broken necklace shows that you will break a bond which you have grown to feel is unendurable.

NEEDLES, These denote mischief and deceit; sometimes disappointment in love.

NEPTUNE, This planetary symbol indicates a condition of chaos.

NEST, See Bird’s Nest, Eagle’s Nest.

NET, Toil or anxiety followed by amazing achievement and good fortune.

NINEPINS, These show a mind determined to gain success whatever the cost in drudgery.

NOSE, A large nose denotes dissipation; a crooked one shows a wayward and untrustworthy character; a long, thin nose implies that you change your ideas on various subjects and alter your mode of life in accordance with your new ideas.

NOSEGAY, the same as BOUQUET (q.v.).

NOSEGAY, See Bouquet.

NOTICE BOARD, Your attention will be called to some fact which it will be to your advantage to learn.

NUMBERS depends on symbols in conjunction with them.

NUMBERS, These are frequently found in the tea-leaves, and must be read in conjunction with surrounding symbols. If the consultant has a lucky number, and this appears with good signs, it promises much success. An unlucky number with gloomy signs predicts misfortune. A journey with a five near obviously points out that it will be taken in five days, or weeks, and so on. Ten dots, close together, means ten pounds or shillings, according to the size and number of the dots. Numbers with the symbol of a legacy show the amount to be expected.

NUN, This is a sign that you will probably remain unmarried through your own choice; to a married person it implies unjust suspicion.

NURSE, A nurse in uniform usually foretells illness for yourself or for someone dear to you.

NUT CRACKERS, This portends that you will strive to solve a difficult problem, the result of which is of much importance to you.

NUTS, Gratified ambition and wealth are indicated by nuts.


OAK, very lucky; long life, good health, profitable business, and a happy marriage.

OAK TREE, This is a good omen of wealth, strength, and attainment of cherished hopes; for a lover, it predicts happiness and prosperity in marriage.

OAR, Sport; amusements; a broken oar denotes recklessness for which you will pay dearly; for a lover or husband, this means affliction.

OBELISK, This foreshows honor and wealth.

OBLONG FIGURES, family or business squabbles.

OIL CAN, Work and worry are foretold by this sign.

ONIONS, You may expect that something which you supposed was a secret will be discovered, possibly through treacherous friends.

OPERA GLASSES, You are in danger of losing the confidence of your friends because of your inquisitive questions.

ORCHIDS, These give a pleasing assurance of coming good fortune and a life of ease and wealth.

ORGAN, This must be read in connection with other signs around it; sometimes it means a wedding, death, or realized ambition; to a musician, it is a good omen of achievement. See also Barrel Organ.

OSTRICH, This symbol points to achievement in creative work; if running, you may look for startling news and rumors of public upheavals.

OTTER, You must expect to receive a disagreeable shock through some unpleasant spite on the part of those of whom you have always thought well, and regarded as loyal and affectionate friends.

OVERCOAT, You may expect to have changes in your life and become of much importance.

OWL, an evil omen, indicative of sickness, poverty, disgrace, a warning against commencing any new enterprise. If the consultant is in love he or she will be deceived.

OWL, A bad omen of illness, misfortune, and poverty; if flying, you will receive tidings of grief; to lovers, this bird is a symbol of bad news or unpleasant rumors; to those who are contemplating new work or enterprise the owl should be regarded as a warning to proceed with caution.

OX, An ox in his stall implies hospitality, domestic peace, and abundance.

OYSTERS, These are a sign of enjoyment and expensive tastes, also that you will appreciate the pleasures of life more in your later years than in your youthful days.