Reading Tea Leaves
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K – L Symbols

KANGAROO, a rival in business or love.

KANGAROO, You will receive an unlooked-for and interesting piece of news; sometimes it indicates that you have a rival.

KETTLE, death.

KETTLE, This is a sign of illness; unless a human figure appears beside it, the illness is probably for the consultant; it is an omen of coming trouble.

KEY, money, increasing trade, and a good husband or wife.

KEY, Circumstances will improve, things will become easy, and your path will be made smooth; you may hope for success in whatever you have on hand; a key at some distance from the consultant denotes the need for the assistance of good and influential friends in times of difficulty. See also Crossed Keys.

KEYHOLE, This gives warning of a need for caution, for someone of whom you feel no suspicion is untrustworthy.

KINGFISHER, This beautiful bird signifies the return of someone for whom you have been longing; if flying, news of a surprising nature will speedily arrive.

KING ON HIS THRONE, Security and peace; it may also mean that you gain a high position through influential friends.

KITE, a sign of lengthy voyaging and travel leading to honor and dignity.

KITE, Vanishing pleasures and benefits, or scandal, are the meanings of this sign.

KNEELING FIGURE, A new enterprise or project; care should be taken to think it over well; do nothing rashly and seek reliable advice.

KNIFE, a warning of disaster through quarrels and enmity.

KNIFE, This is an unpleasant sign of quarrels, broken friendship, and tears.

KNIGHT IN AMOUR, This sign predicts good fortune, success in love, and loyalty to your friends.

KNIVES, These signify danger of wounds, attacks of pain, and dismay.

LABURNUM TREE, A sign of delight and the fulfillment of a cherished hope, probably occurring in the spring.

LADDER, a sign of travel.

LADDER, This signifies advancement, influential friends, and the attainment of good fortune.

LAMB, An indication that you will be amazed by the success of a doubtful undertaking. See also Prancing Lamb.

LAMP, This sign provides an assurance of good success in business. See also Street Lamp.

LANTERN, This shows that fear and doubt will mar your happiness and progress. See also Chinese Lantern.

LAUREL, This tree points to power, ability and health.

LEAVES, Prosperous results of your diligence, new friends, and satisfaction.

LEEK, This implies that you are anxious to come to the root of some matter of which at present you have only an inkling; with good signs around, you may expect to come to a satisfactory understanding.

LEG, This foretells a successful race with fortune.

LEG OF MUTTON, Depression and pecuniary worries is the meaning of this sign.

LEOPARD, a sign of emigration with subsequent success.

LEOPARD, This animal foreshows triumph over adverse circumstances or an evil report; two leopards, fortune and misfortune following each other in quick succession.

LETTERS, shown by square or oblong tea-leaves, signifies news. Initials near will show surnames of writers; if accompanied by dots they will contain money; if unclouded, good; but if fixed about by clouds, bad news or loss of money.

LETTERS, These are shown by oblong or square tea-leaves, initials near give the name of the writer; with dots around they will contain money.

LETTUCE, This shows sleeplessness, possibly from the receiving of some perturbing news.

LIGHTHOUSE, A good sign of security and of light on your path whenever it is most needed; if crooked or broken, disaster at sea.

LIGHTNING, Forked lightning seen in a zig-zag up the side of the cup shows bad weather conditions; if near the figure of a man or woman, it may possibly indicate death from lightning or electrical mechanism; if seen at the bottom of the cup and with a clear space indicating water, it would mean bad storms abroad causing damage and loss.

LILAC, This is an emblem of radiant happiness; joys shared with another, with whom there is perfect oneness of purpose and love.

LILY, at top of cup, health and happiness; a virtuous wife; at bottom, anger and strife.

LILY OF THE VALLEY, A fortunate omen of realization, love, and marriage. See also Arum Lily, Belladonna Lily, Madonna Lily, Harrissi Lily, Water Lily.

LIMPETS, These denote that you endeavor to wrest from others some valuable secret which they possess, but without success; limpets are a sign of good luck to fishermen and promise a big haul of fish.

LINES OF DOTS, These indicate journeys and their probable length and direction; to be read in connection with other signs of movement; wavy lines mean tiresome journeys or difficulties likely to be encountered; if the lines ascend sharply to the brim of the cup, a journey to a hilly country will be taken.

LINES indicate journeys and their direction, read in conjunction with other signs of travel; wavy lines denote troublesome journeys or losses therein.

LION, greatness through powerful friends.

LION, One of the most fortunate symbols indicating high hopes and excellent prospects, association with distinguished persons, honor, and fame.

LIZARD, This suggests treachery and the probability of a plot being laid against you by false and deceitful friends.

LOBSTER, A pleasant event, or a good present, is shown by this symbol.

LOCK AND KEY, You are warned against the loss of something which you value.

LOOKING GLASS, This implies a desire to know the truth, even if it be unpleasant to you.

LORD MAYOR’S COACH, You will receive a good offer from an unexpected quarter.

LUTE, This is a sign of a secret sadness of which those around you know nothing; to musicians, a good omen of success.

LYNX, danger of divorce or break off of an

LYNX, To the married a bad omen of estrangement, possibly divorce; to others it denotes treachery or episodes of a painful nature.