Reading Tea Leaves
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I-J Symbols

IBEX ON ROCK, After a time of strenuous effort and struggle, you will achieve triumph and a position of security and peace.

INDIAN, This symbol predicts news from India; the nature of the information, whether personal, public, pleasant or the reverse, must be judged by other indications in the cup.

INITIALS, These frequently occur, and usually point to names of people from whom you may expect to hear shortly; or they may indicate places.

INKPOT, Expectancy.

INTERROGATION (mark of), doubt or disappointment.

IRIS, These flowers bring a message of hope and pleasure.

IRON, Small vexations or troubles which will quickly pass, is the meaning of this symbol.

IVORY, This foretells increased wealth and a well-merited reward for past industry.

IVY, Patience, understanding, steadfastness and loyal friends are indicated by this sign.

IVY, honor and happiness through faithful friends.

JACKAL, a sly animal who need not be feared. A mischief maker of no account.

JACKDAW, Sagacity, dependable friends, and knowledge acquired by persevering study.

JAM, Pots of jam caution you against extravagance and waste.

JELLY, This foreshows a time of pleasure and a time of pain.

JEMY, A bad attack of toothache is indicated by this weapon.

JEWELLERY, You may expect an increase of wealth, possibly good presents also.

JOCKEY, Successful dealing and good money enterprise; luck in racing and speculation. JOCKEY, successful speculation.

JOHNBULL, This figure implies that you are likely to witness, or partake in, an event of national importance.

JUDGE IN ROBES, Legal affairs, personal or otherwise according to other indications in the cup; this sign is often seen during a famous trial or when such is about to take place. JUG, This shows good health and money making.

JUG, good health.

JUMPING FIGURE, Change which will be greatly to your advantage.