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E Symbols

EAGLE, honor and riches through change of

EAGLE This predicts that you may expect most beneficial changes, the realization of a long-cherished hope, and possibly an inheritance of wealth from an unexpected source; a flying eagle shows the coming of wealth and honor after a change of residence; with a vulture, death of a monarch; a dead eagle, public loss, and mourning.

EAGLE’S NEST, An eagle on its nest foretells association with those in places of authority and honor; it also denotes a life of wealth and ease.

EAR, A large ear shows that you will be shocked by hearing of some scandal or abuse; a normal ear means that you will receive some interesting and pleasant piece of news or valuable information.

EARRINGS, To a man this symbol proclaims the displeasure of one of the opposite sex; to a woman, the humiliation of unrequited affection.

EARWIG, A sign of uncomfortable discoveries in the home, troubles with domestics, deceit, and prying.

EASEL, A sign of marriage to widows and maids; to the married, increase of worldly goods; this symbol must be read in connection with other indications in the cup.

EELS, This is an unpleasant symbol meaning malicious tongues and treacherous friends, also gossip over money matters.

EGG CUPS, A sign of an escape from a threatened disaster.

EGGS, New plans and ideas, or a birth.

ELEPHANT, a lucky sign; good health.

ELEPHANT, A sign of power, travel, promotion, happiness and stability in love and friendship.

ELF, This symbol should put you on your guard or you may be the victim of an unpleasant practical joke.

ELM TREE, A good omen of prosperity and coming happiness.

EMU, Lack of caution will not be one of your failings.

ENGINE, Journeys, trouble on the railway, strikes, accident, and hasty news are the meanings of this symbol.

ENSIGN, See Flag.

ESCAPE, See Fire Escape.

EXTINGUISHER, See Candle Extinguisher.

EYE, This signifies penetration and the solving of difficulties; it also shows a depth of character and love.

EYEGLASSES, You will make a beneficial discovery through surprising means.