Reading Tea Leaves
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C Symbols

CAB, A sign of gloom, sadness and parting.

CABBAGE, This symbol points out that in spite of thrift and diligence, you will never be very rich.

CABINET, An unexpected and fortunate discovery, giving you much pleasure and satisfaction, possibly wealth and outthought of prosperity.

CAGE, An empty cage shows that you expect to find all manner of amiable qualities in others which are entirely lacking in yourself. See also Birds in Cage.

CAKES, New friends, social success, invitations, and hospitality. See also Wedding Cake.

CALF, This signifies a need for gentleness and kindness to those with whom you associate.CAMEL, a burden to be patiently borne.

CAMEL, A responsibility satisfactorily carried out; sometimes frustrated plans and endless delays; a camel laden means wealth from an unexpected source abroad.

CAMERA, This proclaims the fact that you are too fond of gathering new or clever ideas from others, with a view to passing them off as your own original thoughts whenever the opportunity arises.

CAMPANULAS, These flowers indicate that your hope is centered on one desire, and assure you of the certainty of obtaining your wish.

CANDLE, This is significant of trials, worries, or illness.

CANDLE EXTINGUISHER, An uncomfortable incident or episode which will put you out considerably.

CANDLESTICK, You have need to look at things from a wider point of view; to make the best of yourself you must cultivate perception.

CANNON, good fortune.

CANNON, This denotes military and naval display and good fortune; with pleasant symbols around or near, such as a crown or star, promotion for someone dear to you in the service.

CANOE, This implies that a new friendship will eventually lead to a happy love affair.

CANOPY, This brings success through the help and interest of those who are socially or mentally your superiors.

CANTERBURY BELLS, These graceful flowers indicate that your happiness is to a great extent dependent upon others; if the figure of a woman appeared beside the flowers it will be through a woman that your best happiness comes, if a man were seen it will be one of the male sex to whom you must look for your chief joy in life.

CAP, This warns you to be cautious in your dealings with those of the opposite sex; it also points to the fact that those things which you desire to hide will become known.
See also Peaked Cap.

CAPSTAN, To those associated with the sea, this symbol gives warning of storms; to others, it predicts association with sailors or yachtsmen.

CAR (MOTOR), and CARRIAGE, approaching wealth, visits from friends.

CARAFE, A pleasure which will depend entirely upon yourself is the meaning of this symbol.

CARAVAN, This signifies an independent nature, desiring to live a roaming life free of restrictions; should a horse be harnessed to the caravan your ambitions will be fulfilled.

CARDS, See Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Spades.

CARNATIONS, These sweet-scented flowers bring happiness, faithfulness, love, and good friends.

CARPENTER AT WORK, Necessary arrangement of your affairs is the meaning of this symbol.

CARRIAGE AND HORSES, This foretells that your affairs will prosper and that you may reasonably expect the comforts of life; a carriage without horses means that your riches will be transitory, leaving you in poverty; with other signs it denotes that you may be the victim of scandal.

CARRYING CHAIR, An omen of illness or accident.

CART, fluctuations of fortune.

CART, A symbol of fluctuation in fortune and of a tedious waiting for any settled improvement in financial affairs.

CARVING, Handsome carving is a sign of satisfaction and development.

CASTLE, unexpected fortune or a legacy.

CAT, difficulties caused by treachery.

CAT, This is an uncomfortable sign of trickery, meanness, and quarrels among relations, money matters probably being the disturbing cause; a cat jumping shows worries and difficulty.

CATERPILLAR, You are likely to be criticized unkindly by those who are envious of you, although you have no suspicion that these people are anything but friendly in their feeling towards you; there is slyness and deception, and it would be well to be on your guard or you may find unpleasant gossip has been spread about you.

CATHEDRAL, great prosperity.

CATHEDRAL, Prosperity, contentment, and happiness with those whom you love is the meaning of this symbol.

CATTLE, prosperity.

CATTLE, Profitable transactions.

CAULDRON, New opportunities which need careful consideration.

CAULIFLOWER, This signifies that even your best friends cannot describe you as constant or reliable.

CAVE, Unless you rouse yourself and use a little more push, you are likely to remain in obscurity all your life.

CELERY, A vigorous body and active mind which will preserve the energies of youth to a good old age.

CHAIN, an early marriage; if broken, trouble in store.

CHAIN, An engagement or wedding; an entangled chain means a dilemma which will tax your ingenuity to the utmost; a long, thick chain indicates ties that you wish to undo; a broken one, trouble in store.

CHAIR, an addition to the family.

CHAIR, A small chair shows an arrival; a large one, deliberation over a new plan. See also Carrying Chair, Rocking Chair.

CHATELAINE, This signifies that a variety of people will be instrumental in your career; it is also an indication that you are somewhat inclined to depend too much on sentimental and demonstrative affection.

CHAMPAGNE GLASS, This is a symbol of good fortune and delight; to the sick, a good omen of recovery.

CHEESE, A large cheese denotes that you will benefit by the generosity of prosperous friends.

CHERRIES, A love affair, happiness, and health, are the meanings of this symbol.

CHESSMAN, These announce the fact that you will be troubled by matters which are difficult to adjust to your satisfaction, and you must expect a certain amount of anxiety and worry.

CHESTNUT TREE, An event of interest and importance may be expected in the spring.

CHESTNUTS, These show determination in carrying out a scheme which you think will benefit you.

CHICKEN, This shows new interests and pleasures; if roosting, domestic tribulation; if flying, troublesome matters.

CHILD, This is a sign that you will soon be making fresh plans or forming new projects; a child running means bad news or threatened danger; at play, tranquility and pleasure.

CHILD BLOWING SOAP BUBBLES, Occasions of sadness and joy in quick succession.

CHILD WITH DANCING DOLL, The gratification of a wish through an entirely unexpected means.

CHILD WITH TAMBOURINE, Pleasure, lightheartedness, coming good news.

CHIMNEY, Unless you are cautious you will take a false step; a chimney with smoke to be seen means that you are content, and find pleasure in daily routine and a somewhat commonplace life.

CHINAMAN, There is someone who appears eager to serve you but in reality is far from being trustworthy.

CHINESE LANTERN, False security, the evidence of which will soon be brought to your notice.

CHISEL, A symbol of losses, dismay, and trouble.

CHRISTMAS TREE, This sign indicates that you may expect some special happiness at the Christmas season.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS, These beautiful flowers assure you of a long desired hope in connection with someone dear to you which will be realized in the autumn.

CHURCH, a legacy.

CHURCH, Courage, honor, and tranquility; a legacy.

CHURNING, This is a happy omen for good and successful results in all you undertake; you will be fortunate and will always take a turn in the right direction for your own happiness.

CIGAR, A wealthy friend or lover who will absorb all your thoughts; a broken cigar signifies a disagreeable incident or a quarrel.

CIRCLES, money or presents. They mean that the person whose fortune is read may expect money or presents.

CIRCLE, Money, presents, an engagement, faithful friends.

CLAPPER FOR SCARING BIRDS, This sign proclaims that you are offended at small faults or failings in others, and are always eager to bring them into notice, but are blind to your own more obvious deficiencies.

CLARINET, A pleasure which will be gratified in an unlooked-for manner.

CLAW, This symbol foretells scandal or evil influence.

CLENCHED HAND, Indignation; disputes.

CLERGYMAN, Reconciliation in a long-standing feud.

CLOCK, A sign that you desire to hurry over the present and arrive at a time to which you are looking forward.

CLOUDS, serious trouble; if surrounded by dots, financial success.

CLOUDS, These denote disappointment, failure of plans, and dismay.

CLOVER, a very lucky sign; happiness and prosperity. At the top of the cup, it will come quickly. As it nears the bottom, it will mean more or less distant.

CLOVER, A very lucky sign of coming good fortune.

CLOVES, This symbol proclaims the desire for appreciation and the wish to appear at your best on all occasions.

CLOWN, Your folly is apparent to everyone.

CLUBS, See Golf Clubs, Ace of Clubs.

COACH, If with horses, you may look forward to a time of ease and luxury; if without horses, it warns you against an act of folly or a harmful indiscretion.

COAL, Prosperity and good fellowship

COAL SCOOP, This signifies domestic difficulties or vexation at the turn things have taken.

COAL SHUTTLE, You will adapt yourself to unaccustomed circumstances requiring much energy.

COAT, Sadness caused through a parting; if the coat is ragged, distressing news; without sleeves, failure in a new undertaking.

COBBLER, This predicts a life of arduous and ill-paid work, poor health, and a struggle to make both ends meet.

COBRA, A warning of grave danger to you or yours.

COCK, much prosperity.

COCK, A sign of forthcoming good news, of conquest and triumph.

COCKATOO, This bird indicates disturbance in the home and some vexation with friends.

COCKCHAFER, This predicts a bad harvest season; flying, the arrival of sudden news of a somewhat disagreeable nature.

COCOANUT, Travel or interesting discoveries.

COFFEE POT, Dependence on creature comforts; slight indisposition.

COFFIN, long sickness or sign of death of a near relation or great friend.

COFFIN, A bad omen of coming bereavement; a coffin with a sword beside it shows death of a soldier; with a flag, that of a sailor; with snowdrops, death of a child or infant.

COLLAR, Perseverance in the face of obstacles will bring you a great reward.

COLLAR STUD, A reminder of some tiresome or disagreeable little duty which you would fain forget.

COLUMBINE, These flowers foretell the renewal of a former friendship which is brought about by means of an unthought-of meeting.

COMB, You will find out that your confidence in someone was misplaced and this discovery will cause you much distress.

COMET, misfortune and trouble.

COMET, Favorable weather; unusual and interesting events; to lovers it is an unfavorable omen of separation and blighted hope.

COMPASSES, a sign of traveling as a profession.

COMPASSES, This sign implies that you may expect to travel and to spend your life in interesting activities.

CONCERTINA, This symbol proclaims dilatory habits and feeble wit.

CONDUCTOR, See Music Conductor.

CONVOLVULI, This flower shows feelings of sadness; love and hope which have lasted but a short time now leave only memories to which you cling.

CORKS, This sign shows the power of adapting yourself to your company, and of proving yourself useful in awkward situations.

CORKSCREW, This denotes that you will be vexed by inquisitive people who trouble you with questions.

CORMORANT, This bird is a symbol of agility, swift decisions, and the attainment of your ambition through the power of rapid thought and work.

CORN, This is a pleasant omen of wealth and success.

CORNUCOPIA, This symbol predicts great happiness and unqualified success.

COVER, See Meat Cover.

COW, a prosperous sign.

COW, A calm, contented state of mind, peaceful and prosperous days.

COWSLIPS, A sign of joy; to the married it foretells a birth.

CRAB, Strife, family disagreements, an enemy.

CRADLE, A birth; a broken cradle, sorrow or anxiety about a child.

CRANE, Heavy burdens and anxiety are indicated by this symbol.

CRESTS, These are often to be seen and must to some extent be read in connection with other signs in the cup; large crests indicate news of, or communications with, those in positions of authority; small crests, interesting family developments.

CRICKET BAT, A love of sport and a keen desire for fair play in all matters.

CRINOLINE, This predicts that unless you retrench in your expenditure, you will have but a pittance to spend upon your dress.

CROCUSES, These flowers are an emblem of joy, and of radiant happiness in love.

CROQUET MALLET, A cheerful and patient disposition, always making the best of things, is the meaning of this symbol.

CROSS, a sign of trouble and delay or even death.

CROSS, You must expect to meet with hindrances and obstacles in the way of your desires; sorrow and misfortune are also indicated by this symbol. See also Maltese Cross.

CROSSED KEYS, A sign of authority, power and honor, and an assurance of comfort and help in times of difficulty or doubt.

CROWN, success and honor.

CROWN, Advancement and honor; the attainment of your highest ambition.

CROWN AND CROSS, signifies good fortune resulting from death.

CRUTCHES, This is an unpleasant sign of forthcoming illness or accident which causes lameness for the time being.

CUCUMBER, A new plan successfully carried

CUP, A large cup tells of a splendid opportunity coming your way which will insure your future success; a small cup means that a little anxiety is before you.

CUPBOARD, Disappointment in money affairs.

CURTAIN, This symbol proclaims that someone is hiding a matter from you which it would be to your advantage to learn; with other signs in the cup which are good you may conclude that the matter will be revealed to you shortly.

CUSTARD GLASSES, A signal of illness, possibly chicken pox or measles.

CYPRESS, This tree indicates that you bravely face a difficulty, and finally overcome it by your own endeavors.